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Can You Put Hot Pans on Granite?

April 24, 2023

Granite has become one of the most popular kitchen countertop options for a variety of reasons. Its beauty elevates the appearance of any kitchen, while its durability makes it highly functional in an environment that is associated with excessive wear and tear.

One of granite’s best characteristics is its heat resistance. Granite is an igneous rock formed from volcanic fire. This geologic process allows granite to withstand tremendous temperatures – significantly higher than 1,000°F – and it has a melting point of 2,300°F. This level of heat resistance has led many people to believe it’s safe to put hot pans on their granite countertops.

While you can technically place a hot pan directly on your countertop briefly without sustaining long term damage, it’s not a good idea to do so. There are several reasons why we always recommend using a trivet, pad or potholder when placing a hot pan on a granite countertop.

Chemical Reactions and Thermal Shock May Cause Damage

When granite countertops are exposed to hot temperatures, it can trigger the chemical processes which give granite its natural beauty. When this occurs, it may potentially result in discoloration to your countertop.

In addition, there is a risk of thermal shock when hot pans are placed on the surface of your granite countertop. While rare, thermal shock can potentially occur anytime granite is exposed to extreme temperatures, causing the stone surface to quickly undergo a significant temperature change. This is most likely to happen if the temperature fluctuation is uneven throughout the granite surface. When this occurs, stress between the surface and inner layers of the stone may result in small cracks in your countertop.

Heat May Damage Your Sealant

While granite countertops are highly durable, their porosity requires you to use a sealant to protect your countertop from stains and other damage. Over time, repeatedly placing hot pans on your countertop will cause the sealant to become weaker, making your counter susceptible to staining, liquid damage from spills, and other issues.

Safety Issues Can Result in Injuries

avoid burn injuries when placing hot pans on granite countertopsPerhaps the most important reason why you shouldn’t place a hot pan directly on your granite countertop is to avoid unnecessary safety issues. Granite is one of the most heat resistant stone materials, and that minimizes the risk of damage to the surface of your countertop. However, granite will absorb and retain heat when you place a hot pan directly on your countertop. When you eventually remove the pan, there will be no visual evidence that the countertop surface is extremely hot, and this creates a significant safety hazard.

If you touch the area shortly after removing the hot object, you could suffer a serious burn injury. The best way to eliminate this risk is to avoid placing hot objects on your countertop.

The Stone Collection Can Help You Find the Right Granite Countertop for Your Kitchen

If you’re considering replacing your kitchen countertop, the Stone Collection can help. We carry the largest selection of natural and engineered stone products available, including a wide variety of granite countertop options. With our unique Get Inspired™ Experience, you’ll find it extremely easy to choose the right stone slab for your kitchen remodel.

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The best way to learn about your options is to visit one of our gallery-style, climate-controlled showrooms in person. This will help you see different options up close so that you can understand who they will look in your kitchen. Come by anytime, no appointment is required. Our expert surface specialists are always available to discuss your project with you. We have showrooms in Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, Fort Worth and Salt Lake City.

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