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Nautilo Porcelain

Nautilo Porcelain is one of the most dynamic, curated collections of surfaces in existence. Quite simply, one of a kind.


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9mm, 6mm, 12mm, 20mm

Average Size

24"x48", 48"x48", 30"x60", 48"x110", 63"x126", 63"x127", Special Order

Locations Available

Inspired by some of the most sought after natural stones known to man. Paired with the most innovative technologies in the world of hard surfaces. All offered in a wide range of formats. Its functional characteristics include: waterproof, scratch-resistant, UV light resitant, tolerant to high temperatures, while also being cook friendly and easy to clean.

The purpose was to currate a collection that could sooth anyone’s desire of an enhanced setting. Both interior and exterior. The results were exactly that. This ever-expanding line will continue to live up to the same expectations customers’ have come to love here at The Stone Collection.