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Resistance to everyday chemicals and veining similar to Marble make this natural stone a top pick for any project.


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2cm, 3cm


Quartzite Slabs for Countertops, Residential, and Commercial Applications

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock formed from Sandstone. It is a dense, natural stone made up of natural Quartz grain. When Sandstone comes into contact with deeply buried magma in the Earth’s surface, Quartzite is formed. Quartzite can be of exceptional strength, density, and hardness. Quartzite is highly sought after for kitchen countertop applications due to its similar veining and color palate to Marble but with much higher resistance to everyday chemicals. Although all Quartzites are not 100% non-porous, the abrasion resistance and weathering durability of Quartzite allows for its use in almost any application. Quartzites with a honed finish require proper sealing.