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Kitchen Countertop Trends for 2023

December 21, 2022

Your countertops play a major role in both the style and functionality of your kitchen, making them one of the most important components of this part of your house. If you’re planning a kitchen redesign for 2023, choosing the right stone countertops will significantly impact the outcome, as well as your ongoing enjoyment of your kitchen. Understanding the latest kitchen countertop trends can help you get this important decision right.

Quartz Remains the Most Popular Stone Countertop Material

Quartz has been the most popular kitchen countertop material for several years, and this trend is expected to continue in 2023. This popularity is largely due to its durability, which ensures quartz will withstand everyday wear and last a long time. Quartz countertops provide a variety of durability benefits, including:

In addition, they are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, ensuring you can find an option that matches your style and complements the overall design of your kitchen.

Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colors

stone kitchen countertopsSome of the top quartz countertop colors for 2023 include:

Quartzite Countertops Are Increasingly Popular

The trend towards quartzite countertops was present this past year, and it is expected to continue in 2023 as well. While the name of this stone is similar to quartz, they are entirely different materials. Quartz is a man-made countertop, while quartzite is a natural stone material. Quartzite kitchen countertops are desirable for their hardness, durability and beauty.

While they require sealing, they are more stain and scratch resistant than many other natural stone countertops. This stone comes in a wide range of colors and possesses a glittering texture that sparkles in the light.

Granite Remains a Popular Kitchen Countertop Material

While granite lags behind quartz and quartzite in popularity, it still remains a tried and true stone countertop option. Although it requires sealing, it is a highly durable and low-maintenance stone, making it ideal for kitchen countertops. You’ll have peace of mind that your countertop is resistant to stains, scratches, chips and heat.

Most Popular Granite Countertop Colors

granite countertopsOne of the reasons for granite’s enduring popularity is its beauty. It’s available in a wide range of color patterns, ensuring you can find an option that complements your kitchen. Some of the most popular granite countertop colors in 2023 include:

Slab Backsplashes Increasing in Popularity

While tile backsplashes have traditionally been used to highlight kitchen countertops, a new trend has seen slab backsplashes chosen with increasing frequency. These backsplashes are created from one large piece of stone material. You can use a piece of stone that matches your countertop or choose an option that provides more contrasting design and colors.

These backsplashes are as functional as they are eye-catching. The lack of grout lines makes them much easier to keep clean than tile backsplashes. Granite, quartz and marble are the most popular backsplash materials, but you can choose just about any type of stone for this feature.

Contrasting Stone Countertops for Islands and Perimeter Counters

stone countertopsIf you have an island in your kitchen, you may want to consider using a different stone material for it than for your perimeter countertops. This is a growing trend in kitchen design. This design choice gives your kitchen greater contrast for a striking appearance.

You can choose a subtle contrast that utilizes a similar stone material, or you can opt for a more dramatic juxtaposition from your perimeter counters. As long as you choose complementary colors, you can mix and match just about any stone slabs.

Extra Thick Slabs Are Popular

Extra thick countertops are a popular trend. This thickness is typically most visible at the edges. There aren’t any real durability benefits, as this is primarily a cosmetic style choice. Using an extra thick slab will give your countertop a more substantial feel. It will also allow for more decorative edge treatments that make your counters look more ornate.

Find the Perfect Stone Countertop for Your Kitchen

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