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Popular stone finishes to create texture in your project

November 24, 2020

Over the last few years, alternative finishes for stone countertops have increased in popularity. While a polished finish used to be the most popular, our showrooms are now seeing more and more requests for finishes other than polished. Our clients are not only looking for exceptional quality but also for signature design elements that will give their project a unique factor.

We stock natural stone slabs in four finishes: polished, honed, leathered, and caressed. If you don’t see the material you like in the correct finish, we can have any finish applied to any available material. In addition, we can provide Tuscan, bush-hammered, flamed, and several other finishes upon request.

Color & Texture

A Leathered finish is one of the most popular among these choices. By selecting a leather finish, our clients are able to reinvent the look and feel of their installation.  A leather finish brings out subtle nuances and textures in a natural stone that are sometimes overshadowed by a traditional polished finish.  Colors often translate differently and the overall impact can be dramatically enhanced by simply changing the texture and feel of the stone.

This is a display in our Denver showroom that demonstrates the differences between finishes. Although hard to tell from a photo, when you touch and feel these finishes, you can feel the immediate difference between them. 

Don’t be afraid to combine finishes

Combining two finishes can bring the best of both worlds together. We have seen the use of one material and finish applied to the kitchen island and secondary, complementary material and finish installed on the countertop perimeter. Alternating finishes allow the natural stone to resonate in both forms.

In this kitchen, honed quartz, Diresco, is utilized for a table while the kitchen island features a leathered Dolomite called Invisible Grey. This is a perfect example of mixing and matching unique finishes.

Questions about stone finishes?

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