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Engineered Quartz

The desire for consistency and durability have made engineered quartz countertops a popular choice.


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What is Quartz?

Made through a manufacturing process using ground quartz, resin, and pigments, engineered quartz is a highly durable and beautiful premium hard surface option. Available in many design styles, including natural stone-like looks, modern concrete colors, and other patterns, engineered quartz is used in both residential and commercial applications, offering ease of maintenance through heat, scratch, and stain resistance. Because quartz is an engineered product, it is often specified because it can provide a consistent aesthetic.

The difference between quartz and quartzite

Quartz is an engineered, manufactured, man-made product. This is achieved by using a combination of the elements above (quartz, resin, pigment). Quartz is often confused with quartzite, which is a 100% natural stone that comes from deep within the Earth at a stone quarry. A Quartz slab doesn’t come from a stone quarry; it is created in a factory. Our stone experts are happy to answer any additional questions when weighing the options between installing quartz or quartzite.

We stock the highest quality quartz slabs available

We stock only the most premium brands and colors in engineered quartz, including Caesarstone, the world’s oldest and highest-quality quartz brand. We also stock Diresco, a premium line of sustainable quartz. Recent advances in manufacturing have opened the door to a wide variety of new engineered quartz patterns, including many with the look of marble. Our newest line of engineered quartz, Pure Surfaces, features 8 different marble-like looks. From a calacatta or carrara look, and everything in between, these modern and chic engineered quartz countertops meet today’s design challenges and everyday life.

Many of our engineered quartz brands offer both residential and commercial warranties. This peace of mind, ease of maintenance, and a wide range of color and finish options make engineered quartz an ideal premium hard surface option for kitchen countertops, bars, bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, tables, and more.

UV-Stable quartz for exterior use

Both of the premium quartz brands we stock, Diresco and Caesarstone, have developed quartz product lines specifically for use outdoors. Traditionally, engineered quartz could be used indoors only. These innovative brands have developed the technology necessary to combine all of the elements of convenience into one, easy to clean and highly durable engineered slab that can go outside.

Diresco, pioneers of UV technology in quartz, has a plant-based resin, allowing the surface to withstand the harsh environmental elements for years to come. Caesarstone’s new Solaris line offers the same ease of maintenance as their indoor quartz and has been designed and tested to withstand the outdoors—sun, rain, or snow.

The desire to cook, dine, and entertain with an outdoor countertop that is durable, beautiful, and virtually maintenance-free is now a reality.