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Granites are undoubtedly the most popular stone type used in countertop applications today.


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A durable natural stone for every-day life

Granite is an extremely durable natural stone that transcends many styles, whether it be transitional, rustic, or contemporary. Granite is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops, flooring, and other heavily trafficked surfaces due to its hardness, low absorption, and resistance to high temperatures.

Geologically speaking, Granite is an igneous rock, which means it was formed as it cooled deep within the Earth’s surface. Granite, in a commercial sense, often includes stones that are not true granites by geological definition. They are commercially sold as granite due to similar performance properties. Granites are some of the hardest dimensional stones, offering high levels of resistance to abrasion and scratching. The primary minerals in Granite are resistant to virtually all chemicals found in a residential setting.

The Stone Collection carries natural stone slabs in four popular finishes. Don’t see the material you like in the correct finish? The Stone Collection can have any finish here applied to any available material. In addition, we can provide Tuscan, bush-hammered, flamed, and several other finishes upon request. Contact us with any questions.

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