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Onyx is prized for its unique colors and veining but is best known for its translucent properties, allowing for stunning effects when backlit.


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Level 4 to Super Exotic

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2cm, 3cm


A statement-making natural stone that elevates any interior

This layered stone made of Calcite produces exquisite formations with a bold, expansive color palate. These formations that onyx creates are often in “cloud-like” shapes or bold striations, depending on if the onyx slab material has been Cross-Cut or Vein-Cut. The decorative appeal of Onyx is truly unsurpassed by any other material. The backlighting ability that is achieved through the semi-translucency that all Onyx possesses, creates a statement for any commercial or residential project.

Onyx is ideal for interior applications only, including commercial and residential bar applications, bathroom vanities, wall cladding, and decorative elements. Onyx is a softer, more porous stone, and therefore is vulnerable to both chemical and abrasion exposure, similar to Marble.

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