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Dallas Home Stone Trends

July 31, 2023

Stone features are becoming increasingly popular in homes throughout the Dallas area, and for good reason. They’re extremely versatile and enhance the look and feel of many rooms in your house. Most importantly, stone design projects can often be completed on a modest budget, making them an excellent option for a wide range of applications.

Traditionally, stone countertops have been the most common and popular application for home design projects, but there are many other ways to use stone that will provide a stunning appearance that you’ll enjoy for years to come. The following home stone trends are currently very popular. We encourage you to visit our showrooms in Dallas or Fort Worth to speak with one of our expert surface specialists about how you can use one of these exquisite stone features in your upcoming home redesign project.

Stone Showers

Stone showers are a great way to give your bathroom a more upscale appearance. Their timeless beauty, high durability and exotic feel make them a popular choice for homeowners looking to renovate their bathroom.

You have virtually limitless stone shower options to choose from. Whether you prefer exotic granites and travertines or classic marbles such as Calacatta or Carara, you’ll be able to find a stone slab that possesses unique patterns, textures and colors that will make your shower a truly breathtaking, one-of-a-kind piece.

In addition to their elegant appearance, stone showers are very functional. Stone is an excellent option for applications in wet environments due to its natural resistance to staining and water. With very little maintenance needed, your new stone shower will look great for years to come while giving your bathroom a lavish, spa-like feel.

Stone Backsplashes

stone kitchen backsplashWhile countertops are the most common stone application for kitchens, there are other ways to enhance this room with a beautiful stone feature. Stone backsplashes are becoming increasingly popular and provide a beautiful complement to your stone countertops. If you enjoy cooking and spend a lot of time in your kitchen, a stone backsplash will deliver a more elegant appearance that will improve your enjoyment of this important area of your house.

You have endless possibilities to choose from when you install a stone backsplash, making it easy to find a style that aligns with your aesthetic tastes. Every slab possesses its own unique characteristics, ensuring your kitchen will have a distinct feel. Our expert surface specialists can help you identify the right piece of stone to not only complement your countertops, but also highlight other features of your kitchen to bring your design vision to life.

You’ll enjoy much more than a beautiful kitchen when you install a stone backsplash. These features are highly functional and provide a wide range of benefits, including:

Bookmatched Stone

bookmatched stoneIn recent years, bookmatched stone has become one of the most popular stone design trends in the Dallas area. Bookmatching is a technique that creates symmetrical designs and mirror-like patterns in your stone slab, providing a truly stunning feature that can accentuate just about any area of your house.

Some of the most popular uses of bookmatched stone include:

Bookmatched stone is a great way to infuse a room with a level of grandeur and sophistication that is hard to achieve with other design features. If you want to showcase the artistry and craftsmanship that is possible with premium stone features, bookmatched stone will provide your home with a statement piece that will elicit rave reviews from your guests.

The Stone Collection Can Help Bring Your Vision to Life

The trends discussed above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless ways to use innovative stone design features to enhance your upcoming home redesign. At the Stone Collection, we can help you identify the right feature to bring your vision to life.

We have the largest selection of natural and engineered stone products in the Dallas area, and our exclusive Get Inspired™ Experience will help you get creative with your use of stone in your home. We have gallery-style showrooms in Dallas and Fort Worth where you can speak with one of our expert surface specialists about your home redesign project goals. Our experts will help you navigate the different options available, making it easy to choose the right features and stone slabs to enhance your home.

With extensive experience designing, fabricating and installing stone features, our team can handle every aspect of the project for you. This provides for a hassle free experience from start to finish.

No appointment is needed at our Dallas and Fort Worth showrooms. Come by anytime and one of our expert surface specialists will help you bring your vision to life.

Contact us today or visit one of our Dallas area showrooms to find the right stone slab and application for your next project.

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