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Which Countertop Is Best for My Kitchen?

May 19, 2022

If you want to redo your kitchen with a beautiful and durable stone countertop, you have many options. Although people often talk about them as “granite countertops,” there are many natural stone options. In addition, it’s essential to understand the difference between quartz and quartzite and what sets quartz and other engineered stone products apart from each other.

What Is a Granite Countertop?

“Granite countertop” can be used in a specific or generic way. When people use countertops specifically, they refer only to countertops made of natural granite. Granite is an igneous rock made of quartz and different types of feldspars. Used generically, a granite countertop might be any natural stone countertop, including marble countertops and quartzite countertops, or even an engineered stone countertop that looks natural.

What Is a Quartz Countertop?

Quartz countertops are engineered countertops made with a combination of natural stone or other materials held together in a resin (plastic) binder. Because they’re engineered, quartz countertops can guarantee a consistent or specific appearance. Some forms might be less expensive, but not always. In addition, they often have performance drawbacks when compared to natural stones.

What Is a Quartzite Countertop?

Although quartzite countertop sounds like quartz, the two are very different. Quartzite is a natural stone with excellent durability, including hardness, high chemical resistance, and high heat resistance. Quartzite comes in a wide variety of natural patterns.

What Are Engineered Stone Countertops?

quartz countertopEngineered stone countertops are a broad category of synthetic material countertops. In addition to quartz countertops, there are sintered materials, fired materials, and more. Sintered or fired stones are essentially advanced ceramics produced on a large scale. Engineered stone can give a consistent appearance and performance, sometimes greater than natural materials. For example, semiprecious stones are often chosen because of their distinctive appearance, a combination of natural stone with a special binder.

Questions to Ask When Choosing the Best Countertop for Your Kitchen

The best countertop for your kitchen is unique to your situation. To determine the best countertop for your kitchen, you should answer a few questions.

What Is Your Style?

When choosing your kitchen countertop, you want to make sure it will make you happy. Granite countertops fit in a wide range of styles, from modern to rustic. However, you might want to consider an engineered material for the most modern styling, which can precisely fit your vision.

Is Your Kitchen Sunny?

Some quartz and engineered stone countertops are vulnerable to UV radiation. They’re not suitable for kitchens that get a lot of sunlight, including outdoor kitchens. Ask about the UV stability of any countertop if you have a sunny kitchen.

How Hard Are You on Countertops?

Every kitchen countertop must endure a certain amount of impacts, spills, and heat. However, if you’re tough on your countertops, you will want a highly durable surface like a granite countertop, quartzite countertop, or high-performance engineered stone countertop. Usually, it’s best to resist the temptation of a marble countertop. It looks pretty, but it’s vulnerable to scratches, wear, staining, and even damage from acidic foods like lemon or tomato.

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