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The Slab Gallery

A selection that's second to none.

From the heart of the earth to the heart of your home.

Nature's Masterpieces

At The Stone Collection, we display our natural stone slabs gallery-style, in a clean, well-lit environment that is temperature-controlled. This allows us to showcase each unique stone slab as a work of art. With hundreds of colors and an inventory of over 50,000 slabs company-wide, you’ll be sure to find your perfect stone at any of our showrooms.

Stone Slabs Gallery-Style

All of our slabs are displayed gallery-style, where we invite you to view our stones as works of art.

All of our facilities feature:

  • Over 10,000 first-quality slabs in-stock
  • An impeccably clean and safe warehouse and viewing environment
  • 10-foot wide gallery aisles for easy viewing
  • Over 700 different colors of natural and engineered stone
  • High definition LED-lighting
  • Temperature-controlled environments for comfortable browsing