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6 Reasons Why Granite Is a Popular Countertop Material

August 1, 2022

If you are considering upgrading the countertops in your home, you have likely been looking at granite. That’s no surprise: granite is one of the most popular countertop materials in the US today among home remodelers. About 30% of kitchen remodelers choose granite countertops when they upgrade their counters. Why is granite such a popular material for countertops? Check out these reasons, and you’ll understand.

Granite Is Durable

Granite countertops are highly durable in many ways. First, they’re scratch resistant. On the Mohs hardness scale, a hardness rank from 1 to 10, granite ranges from 6 to 8. For comparison, stainless steel is around 5.5, so few of your kitchen utensils will scratch it. With a granite countertop, your cutting boards are for protecting your knives, not the counter. In addition, granite is strong and able to withstand twice the force of concrete.

When exposed to most common acids or other kitchen chemicals, granite doesn’t etch. Nor does it stain under normal use conditions.

Granite countertops are also heat resistant. Depending on the type of granite, they can withstand placing a hot pan of 350° F to 450° F directly on the countertop with no damage. This is one place where granite stands out above engineered quartz materials.

Finally, Granite is UV resistant. This is another place where it stands above engineered quartz. Many engineered quartz countertops will discolor in direct sunlight.

Granite Is Easy to Maintain

With the ability to resist heat and scratches comes an easy-to-maintain surface. Granite countertops usually need to be sealed when installed. However, modern sealants can last up to 15 years before you need to reapply them.

When sealed, granite countertops are extremely easy to clean. They’re unlikely to stain, and you wipe off spills.

Granite Comes in Many Styles

Granite is a large class of stones comprised of numerous diverse minerals. With an entire world of granite available today, you can choose from almost limitless natural designs. Colors range from white and pink to gray, black, green, or blue.

Granites come with large or small crystal sizes, allowing you to have more monochrome or multicolored surfaces. There are swirls, veins, and shapes in surprising combinations that no human mind could design – only the mind of nature could create this variety.

Granite Is Natural

6 Reasons Why Granite Is a Popular Countertop Material

Granite Kitchen Countertop

Another benefit of granite is that it’s a natural stone. It’s not engineered using toxic chemicals in the final product or the production process. It can also be ecologically friendly with locally sourced stone, giving your kitchen remodel a low carbon footprint.

Granite Increases Your Home’s Value

Granite countertops are an excellent way to increase your home’s value. Updating your home with an attractive, durable granite countertop can significantly increase the resale value. However, how much of a bump you might see depends on the type of countertop and your local market.

Granite Is Affordable

Although granite can add value to your home, that doesn’t mean it’s expensive. While granite remains a premium countertop surface, it is relatively affordable, especially as compared to when it was introduced several decades ago.

This is not to say that all granite countertops are affordable. Some rare granite varieties are in limited supply and must be shipped long distances, making them expensive.

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