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Best Stone Surfaces for Outdoor Applications

April 2, 2024

For many people, the backyard is one of the most important areas of their home. Your yard provides an outdoor space to entertain family and friends, and it gives you a place to relax at the end of a hard day. Natural stone features can be an excellent addition to your yard, elevating the aesthetics and transforming the space into your own personal oasis.

With so many different stone types and designs available, it can be challenging to determine the right material for your specific outdoor application. Ultimately, the right stone surface for you will depend on your specific application and your stone design goals. The following discussion will provide you with a good start to your research.

The Allure of Stone for Outdoor Applications

Natural stone surfaces offer more than just beauty; they provide a feeling of permanence, a deep connection to the earth, and a tactile link to nature’s marvels. The charm of stone design lies in its narratives, with years imprinted in the patterns and colors of your stone slab, serving as a gentle reminder of the passage of time.

A Value Proposition

Investing in stone is also an investment in your home. The enhancement it brings to your property’s value is both palpable and prestigious. Stone design has great appeal to potential buyers, articulating a home’s quality and discerning taste.

Natural and Unique

Each stone is a singular creation, possessing its own individual texture and color. No two stones are exactly alike, ensuring that your outdoor space will stand out with its unique design.

Selecting the Right Stone for Your Project

natural stone design for outdoor applicationsWith so many different types of natural stone, you have a variety of options for your desired outdoor applications. Each different material is hewn from the earth’s core, presenting a unique palette of color, texture, and resilience. There are virtually limitless possibilities, ensuring you can find a stone material that aligns with your unique aesthetic style and provides the functionality required of your specific application.

Some of the most popular stone materials used for outdoor applications include:


Granite is revered for its durability, providing exceptional longevity due to its resilience against weathering and chipping. Its unyielding nature makes it a reliable choice, capable of enduring even the most severe climates. This quality is one of the primary reasons why granite is a top pick for outdoor spaces in areas marked by extreme seasonal shifts.

In addition, granite boasts a captivating aesthetic appeal. With a diverse range of earthy tones, specks, and veining patterns, it exudes a rugged beauty that enhances any outdoor space.

From patios to fire pits and pool decks, granite not only provides strength, but also imbues a sense of tranquility. Granite remains a tried-and-true option for a wide range of outdoor applications, elevating your space with its enduring charm.


With its soft, sandy palette, limestone exudes timeless elegance. Its porosity gives off a muted texture that invites a touch of velvet, making it an ideal pick for those desiring a quieter, uniform look. While not as impervious as granite, limestone holds up well to the elements, building a patina that tells the tale of time. Use it for lighter traffic areas or to create a tranquil garden path.

Limestone’s understated beauty extends beyond its appearance. Its versatility allows it to blend seamlessly into various designs, offering a sense of tranquility and sophistication. The subtle hues of limestone create a serene ambiance, perfect for creating a peaceful retreat within your outdoor living space. With the ability to be used in a variety of applications, limestone’s enduring charm adds a touch of refinement and character to any environment.


Sandstone boasts a vibrant palette, and its sleek surfaces paint an exquisite picture in any outdoor setting. The beauty of sandstone lies in its versatility, allowing our craftsmen to sculpt intricate patterns with precision. Ideally suited for moderate climates, sandstone can unfold its magnificence across every corner of your outdoor space.

One of the biggest allures of sandstone is that it’s a material that transcends time and trends. Its enduring charm and adaptability make it a popular choice for enhancing outdoor environments, inviting you to create a space that harmonizes with the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Additional Considerations When Choosing the Right Stone for Your Outdoor Application

stone design for outdoor applicationsWhen determining the right stone material for your upcoming outdoor project, it’s important to consider the following factors:

Your Local Climate

For homes in regions that touch either end of the weather spectrum, selecting a stone that can endure temperature fluctuations is critical. Granite and quartzite are excellent options in climates characterized by extremes, where frost and heat create challenges to maintaining an outdoor surface’s integrity.

In milder regions, you have the ability to choose stone materials that charm with their allure as much as with their durability. In these settings, sandstone, bluestone, and flagstone not only hold their own, but redefine the aesthetic of the great outdoors.

Type of Space

Homeowners often overlook the size of the stones when plotting their outdoor haven. Smaller stones and irregular shapes lend themselves to a more naturalistic ambiance, and they are ideally suited for pathways and gardens. Larger slabs command attention and are perfect for patios and areas of congregation.

The Stone Collection Can Bring Your Vision to Life

If you’re looking for some creative stone applications to enhance your outdoor space, The Stone Collection can help. We carry the largest selection of natural stone products available, ensuring that we have an option that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and personal style.

Our exclusive Get Inspired™ Experience is uniquely suited to bring your vision to life. When you visit one of our gallery-style showrooms, you’ll discuss your upcoming project with one of our natural stone design experts who will spend as much time with you as needed to understand your goals. We’ll then recommend the right natural stone materials to deliver the best results for your specific outdoor application and unique aesthetic style.

No appointment is needed. Just stop by one of our showrooms in Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, Ft. Worth or Salt Lake City to get the process started.

Contact us today or visit a showroom to find the right natural stone material for your next outdoor stone design project.

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