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Ideas for designing a one-of-a-kind home with stone

February 8, 2022

Stone is timeless. When building or updating your home, using stone will add a wow factor that will impress guests and let you relax in luxury every day. Whether incorporating one eye-popping piece or redesigning throughout your home, here are some unique touches you can add with stone.


A book match is created when two consecutive slabs of stone from the same block are placed side by side, mirroring the pattern like the pages of an open book. This remarkable effect can highlight a fireplace, feature wall, or any area of significance that you want to stand out.

You can achieve book matching with, for example, any stone with bold, impactful veining, such as Blue Marine quartzite or Botanic Wave quartzite. Blue Marine quartzite will transport you to the sea with its sporadic circular and linear veining, reminiscent of water. Botanic Wave quartzite is a limited vein with a combination of greens, browns, and creams.

Waterfall Edges

Waterfall edges have gained in popularity over the last few years and will add a dramatic touch to your countertop. By continuing the countertop edge at a 90-degree angle and extending it all the way to the floor, this countertop edge style produces a modern look for your kitchen or home bar.

You can create a waterfall edge with just about any stone. Natural stones lend themselves well to waterfall edges through their veining and unique colors. For example, Lemurian Blue granite is a natural stone with shades of blue, green, and charcoal. In addition, it is rich in labradorite deposits, a mineral whose internal fractures reflect light, creating an iridescence in the slab. Another natural stone, Taj Mahal quartzite, has soft cream tones with light brown and gold veining. Its veining resembles marble, but it is a much denser stone, which helps you avoid etching or staining.

Gallery Pieces

Like a work of art, a gallery piece of stone is a stunning way to highlight a wall, perhaps in your family room, above your fireplace, or behind your bed.

Consider stones with impressive, bold veining or vibrant colors and designs when choosing a gallery piece. Lilac marble makes a statement with purple veins running through a neutral background to offer a unique color and look. Portinari and Cielo marble offer up dynamic swirls of cream, beige, and gray, creating an effect of fluid movement.

Integrated sinks and bathtubs

A sink or bathtub is considered “integrated” with the countertop when both are made of the same materials. An integrated sink creates a streamlined design, making cleaning a breeze. Both natural and engineered stones with low water absorption, such as a natural Quartzite like Giotto or a Semiprecious slab like Brown Petrified Wood, can be used to create integrated designs.

Slab Backsplashes

A slab backsplash is a sleek alternative to tile that is easy to clean, a must for the kitchen. Elegant options include natural stones like Serenity Blue quartzite and Arabescato Orobico marble. Serenity Blue Quartzite can add a dynamic touch to your kitchen with its blue steel and sandy beige colors. It can also offer exceptional strength, being a natural quartzite. Arabescato Orobico marble showcases a combination of grey shades for a polished and prestigious look.

For more information about the many stone options available for your remodeling project, visit The Stone Collection resource center or find a showroom near you.