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What is the difference between cross cut and vein cut stone?

January 5, 2021

Onyx is a perfect example of how the cut of a stone can dramatically influence its look and feel. Cross-cut and vein-cut are two different ways of cutting a stone that result in two very different appearances in the same material.

When a stone slab is vein-cut, it is cut against the natural grain of the stone, showcasing the banding and linear lines of the veining in the material.

A slab of vein-cut onyx vanilla.

When a stone slab is cross-cut, is cut along the grain, revealing flowery, circular, and cloud-burst-like patterns.

A slab of cross-cut onyx amber.

As you can see, while each slab is the same type of natural stone called Onyx, it creates a drastically different look when cut each way.

Whether you are going for modern or sophisticated, or soft and inviting, cross-cut or vein-cut natural stones are wonderful options to create either look. You can learn more about Onyx and how it forms here.