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9 Creative Stone Slab Ideas That Go Beyond Countertops

April 26, 2024

There’s no doubt that stone slabs work great for countertops. Combining durability and beauty, stone countertops can become a design focus that creates a long-lasting impression.

However, stone is also a highly versatile material, which can be used in many different applications. Here are some suggestions that help you think beyond the countertop to imagine all the different places where stone slabs can look beautiful in your home.

Wall Decoration

For an impressive use of stone slabs, consider them for wall decoration. At our showrooms, you can see examples of how you can use a large stone slab to make a beautiful and memorable wall in your home. You can either inset large slabs of stone that will look as beautiful as paintings, but more durable, or, if you’re really ambitious, try using them for an entire wall.

There are many options to choose from in designing your walls. Engineered stone often makes the best choice because we can easily get it in large enough pieces, and the semiprecious stones we use in these materials can create just the dramatic flair you’re trying to achieve.


Consider decorating your staircase with stone. You can do this in many ways. One way is to have a pedestal base for a staircase, including for a spiral staircase. You can also use stone on the wall beside the staircase. You can even make the stairs themselves out of stone.

Just be sure to choose stone that is durable for the application. If your stone of choice is hard enough, you can use it for the treads and risers. If you’ve got your eye on a softer stone, place it only where it won’t experience as much punishment, such as the risers or the wall.


stone slab design for a showerStone showers can make a beautiful impression. Of course, using stone tiles is a well-established way to upgrade your shower. However, if you’re looking for a truly impressive shower, stone slab can be even more attractive. Either make the wall using a single type of stone, or, for additional flair, use two or more types of stone. We can cut the stone into the shapes of your choice, creating a beautiful and intricate design.

Bathtub Ledge

You can also use stone to create a beautiful shelf around your bathtub. The attractive and insulating stone can make a comfortable place to lounge before or after your bath and give you plenty of storage for bath items. You can integrate the stone into the bathroom floor and walls, or you can have the bathtub ledge as a standout accent.

Vanity Backsplash

Another bathroom application for stone slabs is to use it for a vanity backsplash. The backsplash itself can be the same material as the vanity countertop, or it can be an accent stone. The nice thing about vanity applications is that they aren’t as demanding as kitchen countertops, which have to hold up to knives and numerous cooking acids. In the bathroom, you only have to deal with your typical beauty products, which are generally gentler than many cooking ingredients.


A fireplace is the traditional center of the home, and it remains an excellent place to make a style statement. Stone can make a classy and traditional choice, or it can be modern and eclectic. You have control, and we give you all the options you need to express your personal style.

Stone slabs can work with either a traditional wood fireplace or with more modern natural gas fireplaces. Our stone experts can guide you to the stones that can take the heat in this application.

Television Setting

In many homes, the television is the new hearth. It’s the place where everyone gathers for family time at the end of the day. Stone slabs work great here, too. They can provide the perfect backdrop for TV viewing. The top choices are neutral in color, and often bright, because these don’t distract from the TV.


living room coffee table made from natural stone slabsTables are another way to bring stone slabs out of the kitchen and into the rest of the living areas. Stone slab construction is appropriate for any type of table. Get a matching set of end tables, get an elegant stone coffee table. Or, if you’re looking to make a really big statement, try stone for your dining table. This large table can be topped with almost any type of natural or engineered stone product.

Wet Bar

If you’re looking for a great way to make your home bar truly beautiful and unique, then stone slab construction is a perfect choice. If you’re a creative mixologist, we want to make sure the stone you choose won’t be etched or stained by the ingredients, just as with a kitchen countertop. But fortunately, this leaves many attractive choices.

The Stone Collection Can Bring Your Ideas to Life

We hope our list has inspired you with additional ways to add beautiful and durable stone slabs to your home. Whether you want to implement one of these ideas or you’ve got a unique application of your own, The Stone Collection can help. We carry the largest selection of natural stone products as well as innumerable engineered stone products. You’ll find just the right stone for your application when you come here.

Just drop in at one of our showrooms in Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, Ft. Worth, or Salt Lake City to get started. Then you’ll enjoy our exclusive Get Inspired™ Experience. One of our natural stone design experts will put their expertise at your service. They’ll spend as much time with you as you need to explain your project. Then they’ll recommend the right stone to achieve the stylish effect you desire with all the necessary physical characteristics to give long-lasting beauty.

Contact us today to learn more, or simply visit a showroom to find the right stone slab for your project.

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